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Travel compliance monitor TCM

Do you have...?

  • Business activities in several countries
  • Production facilities abroad
  • Employees who travel repeatedly to the same country
  • Employees who travel repeatedly to the same country for an extended period of time


You need a tool to...

  • identify hidden assignments
  • provide the correct travel documents
  • Identify the need to establish a permanent establishment
  • know which employees are at risk in case of emergency
  • know what health care is needed, etc.
  • manage other travel risks



  • Integration with existing Travel Management (SAP Travel Management, Concur or other non-SAP solutions)
  • Data transfer from Travel Management independent of implemented process
  • Manual entry of travel information (optional)
  • Available on the SAP Cloud Platform
  • Easy customization to your processes and circumstances
  • Delivered languages: German and English, other languages possible
  • Mobile applications for all known end devices


User interaction through "Management by Exception"

  • The TCM reports when interaction is necessary
  • No additional bureaucracy
  • Full transparency if required


How we help you

Employees traveling abroad are subject to the respective legal regulations with regard to tax, social security, immigration, etc.

Failure to comply can result in unpleasant consequences for your company, your managers and not least your employees, including criminal prosecution.

Global Mobility Managers need an effective tool to maintain an overview of their travel population abroad for their respective areas of responsibility and to be able to derive possible activities with regard to tax, social security or immigration.

Protect your company and your employees specifically against violations of the law and the associated consequences and preserve the reputation of your company and your employees with the Sapere-Aude - Travel Compliance Monitor.