Travel Compliance Monitor (TCM)

Employees who travel abroad are subject to the respective legal regulations with regard to international tax and social security law, international labor law, and much more. Failure to comply with these regulations can have unpleasant consequences for your company, your managers and, not least, your employees, including criminal prosecution. Protect your company and your employees from business travel risks and the associated consequences and preserve the reputation of your company and your employees with the Sapere Aude - Travel Compliance Monitor.



Global Mobility Services

We are happy to support you with our extensive and customized Global Mobility Services.
- Social security certificates (e.g. A1 certificate)

- EU declaration

- visas

- translations

- etc.



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Sapere Aude is a company led by experts in Human Resources, Travel and Global Mobility Management and SAP Cloud Development. Sapere Aude offers a software supported end-to-end process for all Global Mobilty topics. It also provides business consulting and operational services. For more information, please see Services.